Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three Months, 100 Days

He turned 3 months old on November 8. (Our engagement turned 6 years old at the same time, but we forgot about that completely. :) And he is turning 100 days old on Sunday - which, in keeping with the Chinese tendencies he seems to be displaying (see earlier post), we are going to celebrate. :) Here is a recap of the exciting first months:

Born on 08/08/08. Takes over the hearts and minds of all who meet him. :) We come home from the hospital on 08/10/08.

Begins to hold his head up in first week! For the first week or two, only wants to be held and never put down. But sometime in week 2 warms up to the sling - sling becomes our new best friend. After the first 2 weeks of Wombat's life my parents take off, and we are left on our own as new parents, for the first time ever. To cope, we take Wombat to Georgetown and Great Falls Park - t introduce him to yuppiness as soon as possible. He takes to it very well.

First Month Milestones:
Holds Head Up: from Day 1.
Smiles in his sleep: in the first week.
Follows an object with his eyes: 08/27 (2.5 weeks)

In the second month of Wombat's life, he begins to really like to bathe. We start bathing him every night before bedtime. During this month he begins to become interested in toys: starts looking at his black-and-white mobile and becomes ok with being in the swing for a little bit at a time. He also becomes big enough to move to his crib (instead of sleeping in the bassinet next to Mom's couch). :) He begins to sleep 6 hours at night, and outgrows our sling. We move him to the Ergo carrier, buy him a whole lot of new clothes for his long legs and come to terms with the fact that he is no longer a newborn.

Second Month Milestones:
First Social Smile: 09/14 (5 weeks old)
Lifts head when on tummy: 09/07 (4 weeks old)
Grasps a toy: 10/06 (8.5 weeks)

In the third month, he becomes very active and begins to pay attention to everyone and everything. Starts to laugh. Disturbingly, often laughs after watching his parents for a while. (We thought that was not supposed to start until he became teenage). Begins to like being in a sitting position and enjoys his first sit-up stroller ride. Begins to prefer stroller to carrier as you get to see more stuff - tries out forward-facing carrier (Moby Wrap) for the first time and likes it. (Lemmesee! Want to see stuff!!) Does better and better at tummy time, lifting his head very reliably. Loves high-adrenaline stunts, like being thrown in the air, swung through the air and bounced. Loves to fly like Superman with Dad. Begins to wear big-boy outfits which emphasize his expanding cuteness. :) And, finally, participates in the historic election of Barack Obama and witnesses the democracy at work. :) A busy month.

Third Month Milestones:
Recognises Mom & Dad reliably: 10/14 (9.5 weeks).
First Laugh: around 10/20 (in response to being tossed up in the air).
Discovers Fingers: around 10/20 (and immediately sticks them into mouth)
And here is a shot from 6 years ago - of the thing we forgot about. :P
I love you baby.


Cecilia Newell said...

Yay, you're going to do a 100 day party! I wish we could be there.

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