Monday, May 19, 2008

The Crib and the Changing Table!!

Iggy assembled our crib today! It is really, really really really large! It looks like a baby could have a gym in there, forget sleeping... But it's also very pretty, very sturdy and looks very safe. It fits perfectly into the room! Here are some picks of assembled furniture, as well as the satisfied assembly crew.

Ikea Changing Table/Storage Unit - all assembled, with the super-cool boy toybox added in. :)

The assembly crew. The man, the legend. :)

The not-really-good-for-anything mother-to-be, surveying her new domain.

Assembly supervision management team. Pictured here at an offsite get together.


Cecilia Newell said...

Oh yay! The crib is assembled. Applause for the whole assembly team. :) Can't wait to see the it.

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