Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boing Boing Boing

We received a door frame jumper as a gift, and tried it out with Elijah, who loves to jump.  So you would think he should loooove the jumper.  But not so fast.

He also loves to swing.  But doesn't like his swing, and only uses it as a chair.  After exploring this paradox, we realized that what he does not like are the American safety standards.  When he swings, he wants to go fast!  With real acceleration, swinging dangerously close to the ground and then really fast back high up!  None of your silly speed-controlled mosying-along Fisher-Price Rainforest boring-along swings, thank you very much.

And he loves to jump.  As in, to be thrown high up in the air (preferably up and across), and then caught by Dad in free fall.  Oh boy.  So we received sort of a lukewarm response from the jumper.... but only because he has not yet figured out how to push with his toes to get the spring to really compress and the jumper to really lift off.  Oh I am sure he will.  Thankfully, not yet though.  Ah, 4 months old and already an adrenaline junkie.... BOYS! :) Here is a video of him evaluating his new jumper (taking it quite seriously I might add).

Elijah in the Jumper! from Olya on Vimeo.


Cecilia Newell said...

I swear you can see him sigh...:) He's going to love this as soon as he gets a few good bounces in it, though. What a cute contraption! If you'd like, borrow our F-P jumperoo and see if that might have more boing to feed his adrenaline habit.

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