Friday, April 24, 2009

A new low....err, Milestone.

It's our dinnertime. I'm feeding Elijah baby food: "Pasta Dinner", meaning pasta, tomatoes, carrots, string beans and peas, all pulverized and smashed together. It's like a perfect blend of all things he doesn't like.

(Me) "Baby, have a spoon, here you go."
(Elijah) Takes one taste of the "Pasta Dinner". Makes a grimace that exercises every muscle in his face. Sticks out tongue.
(Me) "One more spoon!"
(Elijah) Professionally ducks the spoon coming at him and starts to rub his eyes. Makes a sleepy cry, pushes away the food and rubs eyes some more. Sniffles. Makes every sign that he is just too sleepy to eat.
(Me) Oh you are sleepy. Poor baby.
(Elijah) Disintegrates further, rubbing eyes and whining, trying to get out of high chair and onto my lap.
(Me) Opening a jar of pear raspberry baby food which he likes
(Elijah) Suddenly no longer sleepy. Opens mouth and starts munching on the tasty food. Following dinner, plays for another 30 minutes without a single sign of sleepiness - that is, until presented with the antibiotics he has to take. Got suddenly sleepy again at that point.

I am very proud. My baby, a manipulator - and only 8 months! Yes! We can truly hope he will go further then we have.... I think I didn't learn to try and screw with people until at least 3. :)


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