Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's nap time. No, really.

It's 2pm.  Do you know where your Wombat is?

He usually goes to nap around noon.  So today, around noon, we headed upstairs after some eye-rubbing and zonked-out-lunching.  And as soon as we got upstairs and got ready for nap, we snuggled up and looked ready to pass out.  And then.....

We jumped up! And jumped around! We yanked on power cords! Climbed on the heater! Lifted the top of the humidifier and swirled the water around while giggling and making Mom worried about water and electricity combining in very bad ways.  Mom told us to stop.  We laughed in Mom's face.  We ran to the monitor.  We lifted the top of the diaper pail and stuck our hand in.  We had our hand sterilized.  We climbed behind the rocking chair.  We.... would have probably swung off a chandelier if the room had one.  Finally, we agreed to watch a Russian cartoon with a very, very fitting theme. Just replace "lunch" with "nap", and this could be us.

All that, for this moment.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. :)


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