Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Links for Fun

The New York Times has an article on marriage and whether it's good for you.  It includes fascinating research, such as burning couples' arms mildly, and then seeing if the wounds heal faster in happy marriages than they do in unhappy ones.  No, seriously.  And guess what? They do heal faster.  See, you have to go read this thing.  The next time you are really upset with your spouse, you can mildly burn them and tell them it's in the name of science.

And if you are looking for a way to make your marriage happier (which you will need after reading the previous link), go find a hotel to stay in on Oyster.  They have hotel reviews accompanied by real, un-edited and un-airbrushed hotel photos.  The difference between the photos taken by the hotel and the candids is quite staggering.  The good hotels though still come out on top - my new favorite place to stay in New York looks gorgeous candid or not.  Oh, how I would love to stay there again.  On, say, a trip to New York.  Ahem. :)


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