Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well Dressed Boys

Common wisdom dictates that boy clothes are just not as cute as girl clothes.  But I think that most boy clothes have way more personality than most girl clothes do.  To me many girls look like easter eggs, with over-the-top dresses and pink colors and ruffles and bows.  It seems impossible to find a girl outfit that has any edginess or personality or coolness to it.

But lots of cool clothes are available for boys in colors other than baby blue.  I just found Little Boy Chic, and am totally in love with the shop.  It carries many things that would look great on any guy - little or big.  As there is probably no chance to convince your husband to put on a jacket like this, let's try to get your son to appreciate it.  Start them early. :)

Appaman Moto Jacket

 Fire Truck Half Zip Pullover by Dogwood

Union Jack Wrinkled Denim Jeans by Smash

Electric Guitar Del Sol 2fer Tee by Mini Shatsu

There is so much more in the shop; you have to go and check it out.  No girls allowed, ruffle-free zone. :)


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