Sunday, September 21, 2008

Elijah's Astrological Chart!!

Our sister Tammy does astrology readings - check out her website at Pixie Gypsy! (She also creates gorgeous paintings like the one you see on the left, and the much loved piece you see in our living room). She made a full astrological chart for Elijah!! We went over the very complete chart with her today and learned some exciting things about his stars. :) She told us all about the planets and their influences, but lacking her expertise ourselves we are just going to try to summarize.

He is a Leo which apparently should make him very generous, extroverted and friendly. He should be able to easily attract people, affection and wealth - according to the star placement so far. He is (somehow) under the influence of the Leo sign twice, making him a bit of a perfectionist in everything, and highly competitive. She thinks we should definitely be entering him in competitive sports to get this energy out! His perfectionism also comes from being under the influence of the Libra sign - in work, in love and in friendships. We expect some very high-quality girlfriends later on, basically. :) Can't wait.

Tammy said that with the extrovertedness provided by Leo, his moon placement makes him an introvert, creating a bit of a paradox within. So he will want to be with others and yet want to be alone at the same time; will both be very self-confident and yet doubt himself. Well, at least we won't have a cocky kid. Or, at least, not all the time. :)

He is supposed to have a very detail-oriented, detective-type mind which is very sharp and will make it challenging to hide Christmas presents, our many dark family secrets or our many R-rated movies, among other things. :) He is also supposed to be very work-oriented, seeing work as the driver in his life and attempting to attain perfection at his work. At the same time, he will yearn for creativity and will enjoy music or arts. Combined with his drive and competitiveness, Tammy told us that martial arts will be a perfect pursuit for him to learn balance, applied creativity and persistence with patience.

And, Tammy also mentioned that something about his South Node in the stars (which apparently indicates where someone came from) says that he was a person of high position in his past life - a king, a CEO, an emperor, a president. Well, this all fits together with the Tiffany place settings he has been getting. On another hand, his North Node (which indicates where he is going) says that he may have a hard time seeing who he truly is or determining what he wants to be happy.

To deal with this child in the future, she recommended we research Positive Discipline and Non-Violent Communication. And martial arts. We are thinking of learning martial arts just to protect ourselves from this kid at this point!! :)

It was awesome of her to do this for us, and it will be fun to watch how these predictions unfold. Now we have it all written down, so he can look over it when he is older and adjust his attitude to the stars. :) Thanks so much to our wonderful astrologer Tammy!! If you would like an astrology reading yourself, or wish to look into getting one of her paintings, drop her a note on :)


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