Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't you wish you were our dog?

During our vacations, Bismarck stays at an in-home boarding place (more like a dog Bed and Breakfast).  Here is the unedited email from Bismarck's caregiver - you can see how tough it is for him. :)

Hello Mom, Dad & Elijah,

How is my family?  I am having fun & doing fine.  Happy Anniversary! 

I like being off leash for longer periods; I am only semi-socialized, but I am learning to get along with other dogs.  I understand that they are JEALOUS of me because I am intact & they are not.  The girls love me.  Plus I am the cutest dog on the run. . . even cuter that the Standard Schnauzer couple (he's "fixed") WATCH OUT GIRL!!!

I am getting a bath tonight; I got dirty running around. 

Hope you guys are having fun too, especially my brother Elijah.

See you soon,

Your son,


 Seriously, every time we pick him up from this boarding place I am amazed the dog even comes with us.  I mean, there he gets to watch discovery channel while laying on a bed and playing with 2 chihuahuas.  Sweet dog dreams are made of this.  He must have a strong sense of purpose, moral fiber and his civil duty to abandon that paradise and trek back home with our caboodle.  But he puts his country, er, home, above his personal desires.  Oh, we've suspected he is a conservative for a long time. :)


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