Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wombat Behavior at 10.5 months of age

Elijah is becoming a boy (not in a Pinocchio sense, just in a getting-bigger sense), and does many new and exciting things. 

- He started saying "ma-ma" about a week ago.  At first, he was just saying it whenever; he had just learned to make the "ma" noise at all.  But now he seems to be saying it only when he sees me.  It's pretty cool. "Ma-ma" is giddy with excitement! 
- He started to share.  When he has a piece of food, or a toy, he will stretch out his whole arm toward you (in the mercury-like manner described below) and hand you the food or toy.  And giggle when you take it.  It's the sweetest thing.
- He has been cruising on furniture for some time now; he has now started to contemplate crossing empty spaces.  He will hold on to an object with one hand, and longingly reach with his entire body for an object too far away and almost make a step.  I think he will venture out there any day now.
- At mealtimes, when Elijah is done eating, he starts moving his head side to side really quickly, like saying "no".  Very cute (alhtough dizzifying).
- When he likes something, he points to it with his whole arm in a very graceful, statuesque manner.  Don't know where he is getting that from.... He stares at it, folds his arm in and then stretches it out quickly toward the object.  Looks like a Mercury statue.  Or like he is presenting something at a trade show.  Very cute.  I'm thinking of getting him winged sandals to go with the look.
- He is very interested in anything electric or moving.  Loves planes, trains, automobiles.  Loves power cords.  There go our hopes of making a laywer out of him; looks like he has the knack.... :)
- And he loves music and always bops to it when we play it. One of his favorite things to do, when Papa turns on the music, is to crawl right over to the receiver and start adjusting equalizer settings and the volume.  No kidding. So, laywer - no, but DJ or sound technician - may be yes.
- He got his first tooth at 10 months and 10 days! :)  It was the bottom right one; looks like bottom left is going to cut through any day now too.
- He has long conversations with us and his toys in the car, in the stroller and everywhere else. 
- And, 2 nights ago, he slept from 9:30 to 3am!! He hasn't done that again yet, but still, it's a huge milestone.  We were stoked.  We didn't  know what to do with ourselves.  Next time he does this we'll definitely be better prepared.  :)


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