Monday, October 19, 2009

He enunciates

Two months ago, I was a little concerned that our Wombat hasn't really said any words yet.

Two weeks ago, Wombat started running around after the cat giggling "kid-dy!kid-dy!" the whole time.

Two days ago, Wombat ran to me saying "Ma Ma!", to Grandma screaming "Ba Ba!" and to Daddy screaming "Da Da!"

In the morning, Wombat and I were getting ready - Iggy had to go to work early. Wombat made a couple of circles around the living room, mumbling "Da da da da da". Then, standing by the gate to our front door, he said "Da da? Da da?" "Daddy had to go to work early today, but we'll see him later" I said. He looked up at me and said "Da da ba bye?" Gulp.

While dropping him off at daycare, I tried to sneak out as soon as he settled into his chair for snack - I think that if I sneak out when he doesn't see me leave, that doesn't upset him as much. As I turn around and begin sneaking, behind me a little voice says "ba-bye?". "That's right, bye-bye, Mommy will be back later" says the teacher. "Ba-bye...." repeats my Wombat with a pleading look in his big dark eyes.

Now that he can say things it is so obvious that he understands way more than he let on. Gulp.


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