Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hurray for all things fall!

We went to Butler's Orchard Pumpkin Festival today (together with 1000000 other people. At least it seemed that way. You could pick yourself a minivan model at that place right along with your pumpkin - the parking lot should've been called 'minivan patch'. Anyway).

They have everything. I mean everything. Hay rides. Pumkins. Petting zoo. Farm animals (sans-petting). Pony rides. Slides. Giant slides. Biggest slides you've ever seen outside of 6 flags. Candied apples. Face painting. Mazes. Anything missing in this list? They had that too.

Elijah and I took two hay rides, picked out a pumkin (Wombat-sized :) ), watched piglets, sheep and goats with great delight. We walked through leaves, we walked through hay, we walked through mazes. We watched Rubber Ducky Derby. We watched tractors. And then..... we RODE A PONY!

This was Elijah's first pony ride, and I wasn't sure how he would do. He's not too crazy about the ride-on toys he has, but he does enjoy riding Bismarck and so I thought we'd give the pony a shot. Oh my gosh. As soon as the pony started moving, Wombat got the giggles. He giggled, and reached for the silky pony mane, and giggled some more. He rode, and pet, and giggled. :) Such joy.

See if you can pick out our pony shot in the slide show below. Hint: it doesn't show the horse itself (the person taking the picture got too close). Boo. It is, however, followed by a picture of our horse.

After 2 hours of this fall madness, we got back to our minivan patch. Wombat was too tired to protest the car seat (a rare condition!) As the russian saying goes, 'tired but feeling fulfilled' we trekked home to dream of ponies trotting in the fall crisp air.


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