Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sartorialist

I'm a big fan of the blog.  This documentary is fascinating; you can watch him as he works.  He really stops and observes people; I think I would be to nervous to stare at someone like that.  He seems to view the world around him as having arrived for his photoshoot; really cool.

I think this little video also really shows how graceful New Yorkers are.  They ignore him and his camera until approached directly, they are distrustful until he shows who he is, and they are stylish, effortless, authentic and gorgeous when photographed.  They are glad to be selected to be photographed, but every single person took it as matter-of-course: no one squealed with delight, no one shyed away.  Not even the construction worker.  You want to take my picture?  But of course you do. Man I love New York.


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