Sunday, August 31, 2008

First 3 Weeks!

It's been 3 weeks, and we are finally BACK! :) We sort of have a routine; the little one has established his complete takeover of our lives and home, and everything is back to normal again. Oh, and it really helps that my parents are here now to hold him and let me actually write this post. :)

So far, here is a list of especially interesting things about our little one:
1. He can hold his head up! And has been holding it up since he was a week old! We thought that wasn't possible. But he can hold it up and make cute noises at the same time, all while looking around and holding his mouth open for food.
2. He likes being held. All the time. Hey, who doesn't? Hopefully he'll learn to control it before school starts in a few years. :)
3. Swaddle is king. He must be swaddled to sleep, otherwise he waves his arms and legs around like a windmill and does not knock out.
4. He is a little swaddle Houdini. Usually he will try to wiggle out of the swaddle, get one of his arms out (and therefore half of his chest out as well), and lay there with one of his arms up. He looks like a half-bare-chested cuban revolutionary (presumably calling people to arms over milk production).
5. We love milk! We hate burp! We love milk! We hate burp! We love....

He changes every day. It's pretty amazing. Everyone is fascinated by him. Oh well - between him and our dog, we are definitely facing obsolescence. It's a miracle anyone still calls us - although, come think of it, most calls are actually for the dog. :)


Cecilia Newell said...

How did his 2 week checkup go? We miss you guys. Want to get together for a walk sometime? Call us.

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