Friday, August 1, 2008

So this is how it's going to go down....

After seeing the midwives today, and everything looking spectacular (once again), they have declared that it is still unwise to wait past next week.

More then anything, it has to do with the comfort level of the doctors on duty at Shady Grove that day. Apparently, the doctor from Simmonds and Simmonds practice on call that Friday is not comfortable with a baby being born that late. Because she is "uncomfortable", we can't deliver that day. Why she is uncomfortable is unclear, as she's never actually seen the pregnancy, but she basically just doesn't want to deal with it. So the next possible day is Thursday.... the doctor on call that day, apparently is either more comfortable or just doesn't care. In any case, that makes Thursday the day of induction/birth. Unless, of course, something happens before then.

Assuming nothing happens before then, we would be going into the hospital on Wednesday night to be induced. With any luck, we won't come to that.... But in any case, Wombat will be born no later then August 7.


Safire said...

Hey, that friday doc was the one that delivered my twins...she's okay but the thusday doc is much better. :)

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