Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bottles are for Babies

At 5 months, our Wombat has already decided to take a stand. He stands against bottle-feeding. He will use the bottle as a pacifier, as a bubble machine and, if you give it to him, as a juggling toy. But he will NOT eat from it, and if you try to make him, he will make a highly offended fuss. And spit your bottle back out at you. And just go hungry.

Same milk. Same chair. Same pillow. Same everything, just milk in a bottle instead of Mom. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

And his activism is yielding results! After trying to bottle-feed him with no avail, my parents decided to try spoon-feeding him.... and he loved it! Once he figured out that you have to keep your tongue UNDER the spoon, they were off to the races. He will eat the milk from the spoon, no problem. And lick the spoon. Just don't have the bottle anywhere in sight. Oh boy.... isn't it too early for "I'm not a baby!" schtick? Or is it something else?

But he is adorable doing it. He opens his mouth in advance of the spoon's arrival. He sticks his tongue out. He slurps the liquid off the spoon and he smacks his lips for a while after each taste. Here are some pictures of him enjoying spooning ;)


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