Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dress for Success.

So, after the holidays I went shopping to steal some of the crazy deals that Manhattan Macys had. Being a bad girl, spending money even though we are trying to stretch our savings until March and keep Elijah at home as long as we can.... buy hey, you only live once and while you live you should certainly have the latest styles.

And, to my delight, apparently 2-piece dresses are in for the spring season! I love these things! They look like a skirt and a shirt - except the shirt never untucks, never buldges and the skirt never rides up. So polished, pretty and professional!

Except when I put it on. I wouldn't say it looks bad... just not, um, professional. At least not of the "computer science" professional type. It looks like this.

Ugh. That doesn't look quite right, does it? Office dress is not supposed to give off the "come hither" look. But everything does this, so what should I do? Should I wear shapeless garbage bags? Should I invest in holiday sweaters? Pleated khakis?! Twinsets? Or should I just continue walking around work looking like I wondered into the building by some big mistake, and really belong down at the neighborhood Hooters?

So, of course I kept the dress. Now I just need a jacket to put over it, a camisole to stick under it, and a hair band to make a ponytail with, and it can be work appropriate. Mostly because it will be almost invisible. And it will wear this dress by itself.... when I go out. Yeah, when I go out to the "Computer Scientists dressing sexily while thinking algorithmically" convention. Sigh....


Safire said...

Cute cute dress though! Glad you bought it. :)

Cecilia Newell said...

Oh, very dangerous! You know how juvenile Engineers/Computer Scientists can be...they probably think holiday sweaters are the height of fashion and pleated khakis borderline pornographic already, so what sort of behavior will you encounter wearing something so cute and come hither-ish like that to work?

Laughed until my face hurt at the idea of a "Computer Scientists dressing sexily while thinking algorithmically" convention. Beautiful.

Aubree said...

I really like that dress! Pretty fabulous!!

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