Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting and unrelated things

Thing 1
Scientific American mind has an article on how super-focus (inability to take attention off of something) helps babies learn. Which is sort of weird, because it has also been shown that young kids tend to not be able to ultra-focus at all: their attention is more like an all-illuminating light rather than a beam, and so they are easily distracted and sort of take in everything at once:

Unlike the adult mind, which restricts itself to a narrow slice of reality, babies can take in a much wider spectrum of sensation - they are, in an important sense, more aware of the world than we are.

Thing 2
This is the best prank I've heard of this year.

Thing 3
All Tarkovsky films are now free online. Tarkovsky is the Fellini of Russian cinema; start with Solaris if you haven't seen any of his films.


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