Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's a good name for a Wallaby?

 Now that we know Wallaby is a boy (and we are pretty sure. Just like Wombat, Wallaby left little doubt as to what he is during the sonogram. He might as well have been surrounded with frogs, snails and puppy dog tails).

It took us a while to come up with Elijah's name; we absolutely love it and think it's a perfect name for him, but boy, it was not easy to get. In fact, I think if he had been born a girl we may have still named her Elijah just to not let all that effort go to waste. But I digress.

The point is, we don't have a good, ready-to-go name. So we need to do all that work all over again. We have managed to narrow the name list down to what we think could work. We prefer names that have an equivalent nickname in Russian or at least can be pronounced by Russian speakers. Below is our exclusive name list.

Help us name our Wallaby! Which name do you like best? Or, suggest your own in the comments!

Roman   ("Roman" in Russian)
Gabriel   ("Gavril" in Russian)
Anton     ("Anton" in Russian)
Ivan        ("Ivan" in Russian)
Timothy ("Timophey" or "Timoshka" in Russian)
George   ("Georgiy" in Russian)
Luca       ("Luca" in Russian)
Finn           (Russian has no such thing :( )
Ryan      (Russian has no such thing :( )
Jacob     ("Yakov" in Russian)
Dante       (Russian has no such thing, although Dante Alighieri is quite well-known. :) )
Dominic ("Dimitriy" in Russian would be the closest)


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