Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get out and walk around

Do you follow From Me To You on Tumblr? You should.  Jamie Beck takes the most gorgeous photographs (film!) of everyday scenes; her pictures are the way I see things in my head and I can never capture them with my camera. I'm glad she's here.

Recently, she posted this series on Dallas, Texas. It's very interesting how she points out that the feeling of being in a car-oriented city is totally different. It's really true. I've been to Texas (and other parts of the country where walking is not really possible or intended) and it's amazing how much of a barrier the car puts between you and your surroundings. You really don't experience the moment or the place at all - you are there, but not really, kind of teleporting from stop to stop in your vehicle. It's a very fragmented, weird sort of existence that has no flow.

In New York, you walk, a lot, and are constantly surrounded by music and sounds and serendipity and random shops and strangers and unexpected conversations and interaction and it is beautiful.

Take a look at her series of Dallas and compare them to New York.  Or just compare this picture with the picture of Dallas above.  Even those both show a concrete jungle, in black and white, with no people, the latter is somehow much more human.  It's a lonely existence, in a car.

And, just because I love NY and can't stop, this one.  I know, Texas. It's not fair.


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