Thursday, October 14, 2010

This one's for the girls

Both of these are sort of girl-oriented and so have no place in my house.  They are too cute to pass up though, so if you have a little girl, check them out!


A very cute, pull-the-flap, turn-the-wheels book for little girls about (what else?) shopping and dressing up and getting around in a big city.  It looks like it does a great job of introducing fashion as art and what little one wouldn't enjoy a flipbook build-an-outfit section?  This would make a great gift for a little girl into dress-up; check out this video from the author.


Belle & Boo make delightful illustrations of a girl and her bunny rabbit.  Now, in addition to their adorable prints, they also make wall decals!  I am obsessed with vinyl decals currently and am trying to not cover my entire house in them, so if you have not had your first taste of this addiction then Belle & Boo should be a great intro.  Look:

I also really like that a lot of these stickers are not collages: they can be combined into a large collage, like above a crib shown in the picture, but you can also put them up individually.  You could hide a little whimsical bunny, dinosaur-riding kid or a balloon behind the bookshelf, or peeking out from a dresser. It's a great way to make the room more playful for the little one and still tasteful enough for you to love!  Come think of it, some of these may be boy enough for Wombat's room.  May be.  Possibly.  Ok. 


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