Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picky Eater Taxonomy

I love this post from Dinner: A Love Story.  I think we are currently raising something between a Lil' Gourmand, the Compartmentalizer and a Ketchup Junkie.  Overall, on track.

From the link above, as written by Jennifer Livingston.

The L’il Gourmand
Ideal meal: Nobu’s miso-glazed black cod in the summer; Mario Batali’s beef-cheek ravioli in the winter.
Overheard in bed, at story time:
“Dad, that pumpkin risotto was amazing. Was there sage in that?”
Defining beliefs:
That iodized salt is not salt at all; that chocolate should always be at least 68% cacao; and that honey mustard is well and good, if you’re the kind of person — no offense — for whom “well and good” is enough.
Party trick:
Telling nonplussed friends of her parents the difference between a bernaise and a hollandaise.
Favorite after-school activity
: Listening to podcast of The Splendid Table while snacking on marcona almonds; playing darts with her Rachael Ray dart board.
In ten years, will be:
Majoring in feminist food theory at Brown.

The Compartmentalizer
Modus operandi
: Will not even sit down at the table if the potatoes are touching the broccoli.
Last question before bed:
“Dad, is the DustBuster charging?”
Thing that keeps him up at night: Sauce.
In twenty years, will be: Licking lightbulbs, making and remaking bed, touching doorknobs six times before entering the room, running the world.

The Ketchup Junkie
Ideal meal:
French fries with ketchup, chicken with ketchup, flounder with ketchup, pasta with ketchup, steak with ketchup, ketchup with ketchup. Ketchup.
Last thought before bed:
First thought upon waking:
“Only four more hours till ketchup.”
Overheard at TumbleBugs party
: “Come on, it’s ketchup time somewhere in the world.”
In twenty years, will be:
A normal, healthy eater. Just like the rest of these characters.


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