Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are your hands clean?

You know, I think of myself as a germ-fearing mother.  May be even a little on the obsessive side.  I will keep Elijah home from school if one of his classmates is coughing suspiciously.  I go to the doctor to check out most colds, just in case.  I interrogate my friends and any playdate prospects on how they've been feeling lately before they come over.  Guilty as charged.  But THIS? This is too much even for me.

Behold.  The "Touchy Tags".  (No link because seriously, people, stop this madness!!)



Yes.  That is an "Are your hands clean" tag attached to a child in a stroller.  This is so that any passer-by attempting to interact with your child thinks twice before doing so, unless they come with a bottle of Purell.

Words fail me.


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