Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mustela erminea

A good friend left us a voicemail a couple of days ago. "Congrats on the new kid" it said. "I remember that you were also going to name this one after an animal starting with a W, but I can't remember which one. Was it Walrus? Weasel? Call me back."

(As an aside, I think it is totally cool that all our close friends use our kids' silly nicknames than their actual names. We received a blanket embroidered with "wallaby" and it is my favorite baby gift of all time. There is something irresistable about combining Pottery Barn posh keepsakey things and goofiness)

Now I am kind of enamored with the idea of Weasel. He does sort of look like a weasel. (What? Weasels are cute. See pic above. ) And "Wombat and Weasel" sure has a ring to it.

So from time to time I call Nathan "weasel" and I giggle each time I do it and it's sort of growing on me. I'm thinking it might become his informal nickname. With Wallaby remaining as his formal nickname obviously.

Oh don't give me that look. Just wait until he starts teething - I might change his informal nickname to Walrus then. I'll keep you posted.


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