Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wombat Speaks

He started saying "Of course!" instead of "Yes".  He says "I need" instead of "I want", but always adds "Please" at the end.  It sounds very managerial.

At Behinaha (on occasion of BaBa's birthday):

Scene: Benihana chef is making fried rice.  He heats up all ingredients separately, including the egg (splattered to look like a duck); Wombat watches intently and identifies the ducky.  Then, the chef scrambles everything together to make fried rice whole.

Wombat (loudly, with great indignation): He made a MESS!!
Everyone: chuckle
Wombat: (with indignation intensifying): A big, BIG MESS!
Me: It's true, he did.  Well, he made fried rice.  But you are right, fried rice is sort of a mess.
Wombat: (to chef): Clean it up!!


Scene: BaBa and Daddy are drawing pictures under Elijah's supervision.  He is bringing them paper and instructing them on what to draw.
Daddy: (showing Elijah a drawing): Is this good?
Elijah: (critically): A-hem. Hmmm. (turns around and walks away).

When asked how old he is, Elijah says "Two". When asked how old Daddy and Mommy are, Elijah says "Five".  When asked how old grandparents are, he says "Five".  Obviously, five is an ancient age to two-year-olds.  It occurs to us that his daycare has kids up to kindergarten, so 5 is the oldest age is has met.  We are, basically, pterodactyls from a prehistoric era.

When something is not going his way, Elijah says "I'm saaaaaaaad".  He then pouts and sometimes plops down into a child's pose.  If you ask "What are you sad about?", he doesn't say anything, just puffs out his lower lip and sometimes says "Mommy also be saaaaaaaad?".  When things go his way again, he perks up and says "I'm happy!"  This interchange is especially heartbreaking when something he REALLY doesn't like happens - like washing hair.  He screams bloody murder each time we wash his hair, and one time, coming out of the tub with his hair freshly washed and his eyes still full of tears, he was sniffling and trying to compose himself and mumbling "I'm happy! I'm happy!".  Oh it just makes you want to give him the world.

And here is the cutest thing of all:

Don't like it from Olya on Vimeo.


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