Thursday, June 19, 2008

36 Weeks!

We went to my 36 week appointment today. From this point, doctor's appointments are going to become weekly. This means it's go time, people! We are on Level 2 Readiness Alert!! (We'll be moving to Level 1 at 38 weeks, apparently).

The midwives loaded us with materials to go over and things to do, including the check-in form for Shady Grove hospital. The form is a 40-question booklet, covering everything from your SSN to your blood type to asking you to list all the tattoos you have (@#%@?!). Normally, the hospital nurses ask all these questions verbally when you arrive - so while you are standing there, between contractions, you have to count your tattoos for them before they will check you in! No, seriously. Thank goodness the midwives are at least letting us fill out those answers ahead of time.

Other then that, I'm supposed to take more vitamins (between prenatal vitamins and iron, how many more natural supplements are they going to pump into this kid?!), and count fetal movements. I have to actually start paying attention..... The only fetal movements I'm counting now are the really punchy ones. Instead, I'm supposed to sit still and count them for an hour or something like that. And record it in a chart. Oh boy. Any process that involves sitting still, counting and recording is usually not easy for me.

This weekend we are going to attempt to install our car seat, which should be an exciting adventure. Stay tuned....


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