Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Room Art

I'm not really big into decorating the nursery - somehow, baby decorative items seem more of a waste of money then a subject of adoration to me. I mean, who are they for? The kid can't even see that far for the first few weeks, and probably doesn't care what theme his room is. He just needs some bright, colorful and fun stuff to look at, close to his crib. Before long, he will be a little boy who will hate nothing more than a room filled with fluffy baby stuff, anyway! I think?

So, instead of decorating the nursery as a, um, nursery, we are trying to add things that are easily removable and can stay in the room as the child grows. To that end, we have always loved Lynn Lupetti art - ever since we discovered it in a Carmel Gallery. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and seem like they would really prompt the imagination in a kid. Here are a few of our favorite paintings (all image rights are those of Lynn Lupetti and the gallery, obviously....)

Beautiful, yes? Only one problem - as original art, even lithographs cost several hundred dollars a print. But I stumbled on jigsaw puzzles made from these prints! Ceaco used to make these jigsaw puzzles years ago; unfortunately, they have discontinued them since.

Of course, a jigsaw puzzle is only $40 (as opposed to >$400), which breathed a lot of enthusiasm into me - and after some searching, I found two Lynn Lupetti jigsaw puzzles! I will be putting one of them together in the next couple of weeks. Here is one the pictures that will be hanging in Wombat's room, hopefully inspiring him to dream, or read, or at least to go outside: "Magical Voyage" and "Tales of Valor" by Lynn Lupetti :) "Tales of Valor" is the puzzle we currently have - still working on acquiring the "Magical Voyage" puzzle.


John said...


I stumbled upon your site while looking for an image of "Tales fo Valor". I was staying at a hotel in Monterey and the guide book in the room had the picture in it. I new I had to buy it and after saving for several months, was able to do so. It took several more years until I was able to have the Lupetti galary frame it. Now it is on the wall of my office. Her work is remarkable and it was fun to read your comments.

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