Friday, June 27, 2008

Daycare: Wombat seeks adventure! The Grand Finale.

We saw two more daycares this week: Montgomery County Childcare Park Street and Little Acorns Learning Center. We were not impressed with either. In both centers, the tour was very rushed, the administrator didn't do a good job of actually showing off their facilities and could not answer questions in depth, instead referring us to "the materials you get once you enroll." Um, right. The centers were not terrible, just not great.... no waitlist reservation there.

So where does this leave us? Pretty much, no cigar. Right now we are on the following waitlists (in order of our preference):

1. Bright Horizons
2. Children in the Shoe
3. Goddard

4. Little Acorns Learning Center
5. MCC Germantown
(with the last 2 having free waitlists, so we are keeping them as.... safety daycare?)

I called Bright Horizons this week, only to learn that we do indeed have no chance of placing Wombat there this year. 2 infant spots are going to become available in August, only to be promptly filled by parents ahead of us in priority. In addition, the list of parents ahead of us can keep getting longer as new DoE or Federal Government employees want to enroll their kids. I mean, there is always hope. It's possible that somehow they could reach us. But very unlikely. Sigh.

So who knows? Little Wombat might end up being driven to Bethesda 3 days a week, mingling with all those posh kids of diplomats and what not. :) Or he might after all end up at Goddard, insane cost and all, until we find a spot in Bright Horizons for him. Or until he goes to college. Whatever comes first.


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