Thursday, June 19, 2008

Additional Baby Name suggestion.....

Anders. What does everyone think?

The name was suggested by a dock hand when we went sailing this weekend. A really nice guy, he was helping us rig our boat and was overwhelmed with joy on learning Iggy's full name. He is Swedish himself, and was thrilled to discover another person with a relationship to Sweden - even if it is in name only. :)

He mentioned that his son was named Anders, and it occured to us that (as both of us kind of randomly have Swedish names) this would allow us to keep on our Scandinavian naming theme. Anders. Hm. The nickname would be Andy.... probably..... or we could use Anderson as a full name, and Anders could be the nickname. Or it could become the middle name, as in Elijah Anders Flores (Elijah Miles Flores is the current favorite).

What do you think?


tatol said...

Elijah Miles Flores looks better to us than Elijah Ivan or Elijah Anders

Mom & Dad

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