Saturday, February 21, 2009

The American History Museum closes at 5:30 daily.

And when it closes, a burly security guard will poke his head in the bathroom, where you are changing your infant, and shout "MUSEUM IS NOW CLOOOOOOOOSED!" on top of his lungs, with the deafening sound amplifying in the bathroom and causing your baby to convulse in terrified screams. At which point the guard will say "Oh, sorry". And you will start seriously considering taking advantage of those newly-relaxed gun-law rules in DC.

Other then that, though, our trip to DC today was awe-some. :) It was Elijah's first metro ride while being awake and he liked everything on the trip, especially the museum. The museum is newly renovated, and in Iggy's opinion, way better then the old museum. I have no memory of the old museum whatsoever, and so was very pleased with the new museum as well. See, being slow on the uptake has its advantages! :)

Wombat had a blast looking at everything and everyone, and couldn't sleep with all the excitement around him. After being kicked out of the museum, we accidentally stumbled on a skating rink in the Sculpture Garden and ended up at Teaism, which is where every road in DC seems to lead us. :)

Urban Wombat

Strollers on escalators. :)

At the sculpture garden, all giddy from discovering the rink! :)

Sunset DC-style


Wombat and a well-deserved nap


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