Monday, February 2, 2009

Daycare Prep

Today, Wombat and I are headed to Bright Horizons to start our transitions: Wombat's transition to day care and my transition back to work. To start, we will only be spending one or two hours there a day and I will be with him the whole time. Which brings me to contemplate how I should act while in daycare today. Specifically, these questions arise:

1. Might I be allowed to take a nap while there?
2. How should I best contain the urge to attack anyone who picks up my Wombat? Given that this is daycare, I suspect his teachers will be picking him up in their arms. You are right - the best way to fight that urge would be with a nap. See, that's why question 1 is so important.
3. Would it be wrong to put on makeup before going out of fear that Wombat will be traumatized if his mothers appearance is inferior to that of the other mothers?
4. Would it be wrong to, in response to whatever the teachers are doing, to say, SNL-style, "Um, yeah, I already do that at home, soooooo.... yeah, we do that at home all the time and Elijah does that with me, and he likes me better than you, so...."?
5. Will they be understanding of my need to snap cute pictures of my son at every play station with other, obviously less-cute children as the background?

Ok, time to go! Answers to these, and many other pressing questions (such as, will Olya find the daycare before Wombat gives up on her navigational skills and takes another nap rendering the entire exercise mute) when we come back!


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