Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the move

A couple of weeks ago, my husband, in a carefree manner, remarked "I think Wombat will be crawling soon".

"Oh, no, not for a few months", I smugly informed him. "They sit first. Then, they just start to lean forward and that's how they learn that they can move, and then they figure out to lift up their middle, which takes a long time, so, yeah, no, not until nine months. He is too little." I thought "Pffft. He has OBVIOUSLY not read the baby books." I felt very smug in my baby development expertise and consulted the Dr. Sears book again, and saw I was right (RIGHT!) and spent the entire morning after husband went to work basking in my own glow.

Um, you know who else OBVIOUSLY has not read the baby books? Wombat. Because, guess what, he is crawling. And my husband was right. Again.

Forget sitting. And definitely forget leaning forward. Wombat is generally not interested in assuming any position that is not helping him move. (This should bode well for toddlerdom.... I better pick up running again....) So, he figured out how to combine rolling over with digging in his toes and pushing on his arms, and he is off to the races. May be Dr Sears needed to lift his middle to crawl, but Wombat has no such issues. The only issues in the house now are mine, on how to restore my lost smug glow.


Cecilia Newell said...

Dr. Sears obviously never encountered a Wombat. Go Elijah!!!!!! Woohoo!!

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