Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's the little things

As we are coming up on Wombat's 6 months, I think I'll list all the new things Wombat has been doing. Because there is a lot of them. And these are not textbook "roll, sit, chew" milestones - no, these are cool, quirky, new Wombastic things that he can now do. The little things.

1. Now, when getting dressed, he will push his arm through a sleeve and pop his hand out on the other side. He does that very quickly.
2. When making noise in his crib, he now expects someone to come. We think so because when we run up, he is staring at the door and gives a huge smile as soon as we come in. He is clearly expecting someone to pop through the door once he makes a noise. :) Which makes us hope that he realizes that even when he is alone in the room, he is not alone.
3. He laughs at things he finds funny.
4. He can roll his way around the room. When playing in his gym, he can spot Mom, decide he wants to go to Mom, and roll all the way to Mom's feet. :)
5. He giggles in anticipation of a tickle attack.
6. He has started to play with Bismarck. When Bismarck approaches, Elijah turns away his face (to avoid getting licked) and at the same time stretches out his arms, grabs Bisy's beard and pulls Bis toward himself.
7. He rode on Dad's shoulders for the first time this month. Loved it.
8. He recognizes himself in the mirror and laughs. One time he noticed that the toy in his hands was also reflected in the mirror, and freaked out because there were two of them.
9. He loves it when you go fast. When he is in the stroller, go fast! When he is in a carrier, go fast! He giggles if you wear him facing forward and run like mad. :)
10. This month, he tried raspberry juice (too sour!), apple in a munchkin feeder (Yum!) and a large piece of pear (best teether ever!).

As his Dad said, "It's like up to now he's been outside of the world, looking in. Now, he wants in. He is ready to be part of everything".


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