Friday, August 20, 2010

Beet Root Soup

The weather has been insanely hot in our neck of the woods. We normally only get a week or two of heat spells in a summer, but not this year. 50+ straight days of 90+ weather.

When it's this hot, you don't really want to be in front of a hot stove, and you don't really want to eat anything hot either. Enter... dum, dum, dum!

Beet Root Soup!

We used to make this all the time for hot weather lunches in Russia. (Even though it never got THIS hot there. Until, apparently, now). It's like borscht, but meat-free, very light and so, so refreshing. Try it, you'll like it! Here is a lovely recipe from They Draw and Cook:

The recipe credit goes to:

NAME Anna Afonina
LOCATION Bryansk, Russia
VICE Roast meat, apple pie, ice-cream (yum-yum-yum) 

For extra yumminess (although with less healthfullness), serve the soup with a dollop of sourcream.  And check out the rest of They Draw and Cook blog for very cute recipes, especially ones for kids. :) Happy munching!


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