Monday, August 23, 2010

Two cool videos

Even though I gave birth to a kid, and am expecting to have another one soon, I honestly have no clue how these kids come about.  I mean, I logically understand it.  I can recite the process of cell division, specialization, the whole thing, I get it.  But I just don't REALLY get it.  I mean, how can that be? How does something come from what used to be nothing?  It's all just cells dividing, really?  For a while, cells divide, and then you get a little person saying "ffffff-uck teeee-ruck"? WOW. 

I don't get it.  It's like a sci-fi movie plot.  So cool it can't possibly be true.

That's why this video of cell division is so awesome.  It's only zebrafish (no insult to zebrafish), and look how crazy complicated it is!  They were able to capture the first cell divisions for the first time ever.... you can watch the little zebra fish in the making!  And, our babies start out the same way.  Amazing.  It's awesome, but still doesn't make it more believable.

And, of course, when the thing gets built and gets bigger it can do all sorts of cool stuff. Like chasing after butterflies. Oh, and "the thing" happens to be a penguin.

How cool is that?


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