Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phones and Photography

We are waiting for our new iPhones to arrive.  Soon, I'll have a camera with zoom AND a video camera on me at all times!! Wooohooo!  (Expect much more photos and videos of the mundane on this blog soon.... I know you can't wait!)

Apparently, the phones are actually shipped from China! Did you know that? I didn't! I thought the entire "wait 3 weeks to get it" was just Apple playing hard to get or something.  But, no!  So, by boat or something, the phones went from mainland to Taiwan to the US!  The phones came to Alaska, and now they are in Newark, NJ!! (Hold them! May be parents can drive them over! )

Ha. I love tracking stuff being shipped from overseas. The last thing I had shipped from that far away was our MINI Cooper!  It was so awesome watching the car make its way across the pond on some large, large boat. This is not as cool as tracking the MINI - but still.  I feel wonderlust!  I want to throw on a backpack again and track off into anywhere!

But, until Wombat and Wallaby are big enough to travel, I'm land bound.  So, what should I order next?  To make sure it comes from the ocean? A sari? Real Chinese food? A Portuguese water dog?!

Oh, but on to the photography part. So, when the phones do get here with that nifty 5mp camera and zoom and ability to focus..... it will still have one lens.  But, apparently, there is a way to change that! Check out these nifty fish-eye, macro and wide-angle add-on lenses! They attach with a magnetic ring, cost only a few bucks and should make for fun things to carry around in my purse. Yeay for more toys!

And, while thinking about photography, check out Ok Cupid's tips on how not to take bad photos!
It's actually not that hard. Use a decent camera. Go easy on the flash. Own the foreground. Take your picture in the afternoon. Then visit the nearest Apple store. Done.


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