Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stuff I would buy if I had a waist

In what I am sure is a deliberate and targeted attack, the fashion industry is coming out with the most gorgeous pieces of all time for fall. And I cannot wear ANY. OF. THEM. Sigh. They are not in the budget, not really necessary, won't fit at the moment and won't be in season next season. But I am lusting after each and every single one of them.

Isn't this coat from Anthropologie absolutely perfect? Look at the lace detail! The waist! The 3/4 sleeve!!  Also, check out how completely impractical it is! For, um, "only" $168! Oh, just shoot me now.

And for more from Anthropologie, how about these maillots? So elegant and so retro and soooo perfect! My favorite is the green one, and IT'S ON SALE.  Someone with a currently available waist and a chest that doesn't require construction-site-grade support, please buy one already!

(Yes, I know that from this post it appears that I would like to wonder around in a maillot with a coat over it.  Let's chuck that up to the pregnancy hormones and move on.)

So, ModCloth and Ruche are no not letting me down either with all of these dresses up for grabs:

Sigh.  Big, long, lusty sigh.  Ok, back to reality.  I have a shipment of some maternity tops coming and I'm sure they will look just as cute. A-ha.


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