Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Shower!!

We are overwhelmed with the amount of the baby things that now surround us, after this weekend's baby shower.

Cecilia has put together an officially spectacular and best-run baby shower event ever! We had some great help from family and friends as well, all working together as a well-oiled team to put together the baby shower decorations and finish preparing the food. I realized (too late) that it was silly of me to only ask these people to help me out with the baby shower - I should have really recruited them to invade a small country; they could have done it. By now, I could have had Belgium! Oh well, live and learn. :)

Thank you all so much, we are very touched with your visiting our home, being so generous to us and Wombat and giving us your company and support! We feel lucky to have you as friends.

Here are some pictures of the baby shower; see more at our Baby Shower Photo Album. Thank you all so much!


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