Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby never heard of the due date

Wombat was supposed to be due on the 20th, and as a true child of two procrastinators, he ignored the date completely. If he does not decide to make an appearance until this Wednesday, the midwife practice we go to will give us an instruction sheet entitled "What to do when your baby is LATE". Oooooh, scary. What oh what do we do?!!!! I say we just keep waiting.

Am I wrong, or isn't it the case that once the kid gets here, he will be here for some time? Or at least so we hope? Why the rush to get him here? If he is not ready, he needs to finish something up in there or whatever, I don't see any reason to rush him. I say he knows what he is doing, and will come out whenever he deems fit. In the meantime, Mommy plans to enjoy a latte and an issue of the New Yorker. Excuse me. :)


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