Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midwives make an ultimatum to Wombat. Wombat has to respond within a week.

I had my 41-week appointment today. The end of this week marks the end of week 41, and apparently, no child will be left behind in anyone's womb beyond week 42. Therefore, there must be a plan for getting the child out if the child himself fails to display the necessary initiative. Today, I was introduced to "The PLAN".

So, basically, they could induce me any time now, except that I don't feel like it. Given that fact, they are going to wait until end of next week - end of week 42. If nothing happens by then, they would really really like to induce. Apparently, babies born past 42 weeks are more likely to end up in the NICU - although it's not clear why. Anyhow, 42 weeks is it. That brings us to August 4th - or so one would think.

Except not quite. Prior to August 4th, a gazillion tests must be conducted to ensure that the baby is doing ok. It's not clear why those tests are conducted, because regardless of their results, the labor would still be induced. I guess they are conducted to rule out emergency c-section? First, the baby would be monitored for 20 minutes, to see if when he moves his heart rate goes up. If that goes satisfactorily, they have an ultrasound test, which tests.... I don't know, whether the baby is still there?! Anyway, after that it's basically time to induce. I suspect the tests are to give the mother-to-be something to focus on, and to harrass the fetus so may be he decided "enough of this!" and will come out.

Well, the first of these tests is now scheduled for the 28th, the second one for the 30th, and the induction would occur on the 2nd - which is a Saturday. ("That would give Dad a weekend with the baby without having to take time off!" said the midwife cheerfully. Yes, convenience is a major factor in this. We schedule all our life milestones around convenient stopping points).

I'll see how the tests go. If they don't show any "fetal distress", then I think I'll push for induction to wait until the 4th or so.... In any case, I suspect we won't get much testing to do - Wombat is not one to take this ultimatum in, um, a fetal position. I bet he will come out just fine.


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