Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Car Seat Installation

We had our Official Car Seat Check done today, by the esteemed Montgomery County personnel.  I expected them to just sort of shake the seat, check the belt and call that done. 

But no!  They were very serious, and very thorough, and very very impressive!  They undid everything we did.  And then they consulted each other and additional resources.  And then they hooked the seat in.  And checked the level.  And taught us how to do it.  And checked the vehicle for other objects that may be harmful to the baby.  And brought out a baby doll (!), showed us how to strap it in, made us try it ourselves, discussed what outfits would and would not be ok for the carseat..... I mean, it was really really impressive.  It made me want to have the baby in that parking lot; I felt these people were so much more qualified then me (or, frankly, some medical personnel I've met....). 

But - the seat is now in, officially approved, and all it's missing is a little Wombat in it.  While you are waiting for that last piece of the puzzle to arrive, here is an interesting car seat effectiveness video from Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame:


Safire said...

What outfits are not okay for car seats? Inquiring minds want to know...

Olya said...

Oh, most of their suggestions had to do with winter attire. Apparently, we have to (in winter) strip the kid down to pants and a shirt before putting him in the car seat, and then get him dressed again when taking him out of the car. Puffy winter jackets/sweaters/etc lower the effectiveness of the car seat because he ends up not being strapped in as tightly with all the clothing.

Also, in any time of year, all the clothes should have legs (no gowns), as the belt goes between the child's legs.

I don't know how practical it is to undress the kid in the car in wintertime, though. Hmmmm. Lower car seat effectiveness versus give him a cold.... hmmm...

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