Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is this?!

On our last doctor visit, we were told to try rice cereal as Wombat's first solid food.  A bit too late, in my opinion, to recommend this, as the child has been ingesting dog/cat hair, carpet solids and dirt on surfaces since about 1 month of age.  Oh, and as of recently, some fruit.  But hey - we don't want to burst the doc's bubble, so we agreed to rice cereal being "first solid food".  We'll tell the same to Wombat, as that makes us sound like way more responsible parents.

The reaction was, shall we say, mixed. 


Overall we think he is ok with it, but not crazy about it.  He is more interested in his latest "non-doctor-approved" solid food: sucking on a piece of bread and figuring out how to swallow the bits that fall off into his mouth.


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